Full of Flour and Chocolates

Cooking has always been a passion in my family. From my grandmother’s traditional dishes to Amma’s daily meals to Daddy’s sumptuous Sunday lunches to my uncle’s Christmas feasts to my cousin’s amazing cakes.

Yet for a very long time I never bothered to try being an enthusiast in the kitchen. Well it would be wrong to say I did not know to cook! When I was young, my mother made sure to get my lazy self to help around in the kitchen. And I would be happy to whip up some desserts or cook occasionally for friends. But never a passion! In fact there have been times when someone else would think the art of cooking eludes me. I was either too busy with my work or too lazy to cook.

After marriage, I moved to a new country and decided to take a break from work. And then baking became my new hobby.  In fact my mother-in-law was happy to encourage. It all started when she got me a couple of cake tins and a box of Betty Crocker Cake mix. The cake came out good and I wanted to try the next one from scratch. Soon enough I started to enjoy baking. 🙂

The next step would obviously be to brag! LOL! 😀 So here I am to share the recipes I have tried with perhaps a few tips of my own.


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